How To Rock A Phone Interview

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There is a lot about the conventional HR playbook that I disapprove of but telephone interviews are not one of the items on that list.

They are a pretty good idea, as long as they are handled appropriately. Sadly that is not always what happens. It makes sense to talk to a job applicant before making the poor guy or woman drive or walk or bus to your location.

There could be a fundamental mismatch between the company’s need and the job-seeker’s need. You can figure that out quickly on the phone and save everyone’s time.

However, phone screens are only a good idea if they are understood and used in your company as two-way listening and learning exercises. If you call someone on the phone and start throwing rapid-fire questions at him or her right away, you’re making a big mistake. You’re driving away the very people you want and need to reel in.

The way to do a phone screen from the interviewer’s side is to write, text or call the candidate and ask him or her whether he or she would like to chat by phone at a scheduled time. You set up a time that works for both of you and confirm it via email.

On the appointed day you call the job candidate and say “Hi! This is Amy from Perfect Electronics. Is this still a good time to chat?” Assuming it is, you say “Let me answer your questions first!”

That is critical. Many a recruiter bemoans the hours they wasted braying question into the ears of job-seekers who felt they had to answer the recruiter’s question in the moment. They didn’t feel comfortable interjecting “I actually have a question myself” so they kept quiet.

Only at the end of a forty-minute interview did the recruiter finally ask the candidate for his or her questions, at which point the candidate asked “Can I start the job a year from now when I finish grad school?

3D Technology Is Changing The Game For Marketers

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Have you ever regretted buying something? I would be surprised if the answer was no. We all have experienced “buyer’s remorse” at least once in our lives.

The classic advice to avoid a bad purchase goes something like this: “Can you see yourself using it, or wearing it?” You know—close your eyes and picture yourself in that new car, new outfit, new home, new shoes? Visualize your experience with whatever it is that you wish to buy. Well, this technique might work for some, but not for all.

No brand wants anyone to have buyer’s remorse—it harms reputations, and with the power of social media, bad news about a product travels fast—and it is very important for brands to do everything in their power to help alleviate post-purchase frustration for customers.

That said, most of us need real-life (or close to real life) experiences to judge if we like something or not. We need to try something on. Sit in that new car, or on that new couch. Walk through that house for sale. But what if you just physically can’t? Can brands help customers get such real-life experiences, from a distance, before they make a purchase? The answer is yes. In fact, 3D technology is opening up a whole new world of possibilities for marketers.

Closing the Gap Between Virtual and Reality

We talk about the importance of the omni-channel approach, and how online is increasingly meshing with offline purchasing, but there still remains a significant gap between pre-purchase experiences on different platforms. For instance, we love to shop online, but sometimes it is just too difficult to know for certain if that new gadget is really what we want. Yes, there might be millions of reviews and videos, but nothing beats holding it in your hand so you can see for yourself, right? That is when you head to the retail store.

But, what if we could experience it without leaving the couch? We could “feel” and understand how it would be to use the product? Get inside the car and look around—even get into the driver’s seat—or try on those jeans and get a look at our backsides? 3D technology can help marketers bridge the gap between reality and virtual to create a better and more complete buying experience for customers.

How 3D Might Help Brands

In terms of product marketing, 3D computer-generated imagery (CGI) has been around for almost a decade, used primarily by the automobile industry. A 2012 Forbes article by Alex Southern covered how companies used 3D catalogs and images to create more appealing, cost-effective marketing overtures. Today, brands are using high-end visualization to provide a true immersive reality to power a customer experience. While the use of 3D has continued to evolve in the auto industry, there are a myriad of customer service applications being employed, from shoe design to aircraft manufacturing. I saw numerous examples of virtual product interactions at a recent 3DEXCITE Live (Dassault Systèmes) event I attended, and I can assure you, the applications of 3D visualization will change the way brands market their products and engage customers both in-store and online. Shoe manufacturer Deckers is 3D scanning physical materials to incorporate into 3D mockups and shorten the design process for its shoe brands. For now, it’s aiding the design process but just imagine the ability to visualize not just the color but the fabric and texture that clearly distinguishes suede from leather in marketing materials or in its “custom build your own shoe” interface. Cadillac is creating a virtual showroom where passer-bys could customize a white Cadillac through a wall-sized touchscreen upon which color and options packages are projected on top of the physical car, which acted as a blank canvas. This type of customized window-shopping can take place even when the store isn’t open. Stop by when the store is open, and you can put on headset to virtually sit inside any car with any options package. Gone will be the days where every car color and option needs to sit on the lot to showcase what a customer can experience virtually.

Knowledge On Voice To Text Software

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Voice to text is really a fairly new technology that may be attaining a broad prominence within the IT globe. Useful in areas such because education, impairment services, PC interface, telecommunication, as well as consumer items, text-to-speech changes written textual content to electronic audio study by human sounds.

How can these converters function though? The converter is dependent on concatenation associated with dial phones. Therefore, it requires a listing of phonemes as enter with prosodic info, in other words the length of phonemes along with a piecewise linear explanation of the actual tone, and creates speech examples on 16-bit linear sample frequencies from the data source of dial phones. This really is then put together through the software to create the voiced word dependent on the written content supplied.

Via an instructional perspective, the engineering of modifying voice to text could possibly be regarded just as one amazing possibility to teach youngsters how to view. It may possibly provide opportunity for children for you to rehearse their studies at house without the help of a man instructor. What is definitely good about such a technologies would it be produces seems similar to human staying voice in order that, ideally, you’d certainly not identify just about any difference between two.

In add-on for you to which wording to conversation converters can also help 1 find out a several language by it read words so one can hear the best pronunciation. This naturally demands adequately toned terminology models; otherwise it may well teach a fully wrong technique of talking a new language. This causes it to become feasible to learn another terminology, or only two, from your comfort in the own property for reasonably inexpensive in comparison with costly language application.

In addition to that particular, it aids people along with disabilities through helping individuals who tend to be visually reduced or sightless, people who experience from reading through difficulties for example dyslexia, or those who have concentration difficulties. It is also quite handy to hear books or even similar while traveling or throughout household chores producing ones day a little more efficient.

Standard, voice to text converters are generally incredibly valuable whenever the idea arrives for you to training your youthful as well as assisting your disabled or maybe for amusement purposes while you cannot examine created wording. They usually present your low-cost option to pre-produced terminology software or mp3 audio books.

In add-on, numerous voice to text converters are obtainable online On-Demand, which means you could possibly get your textual content converted if you want in really little period, allowing you to definitely convert your own class outline into digital words to help you listen into it while generating to a good exam for instance.

Voice to text transcribing firm’s use technologies to convert audio recordings into word structure. The program instantly converts the actual MP3 or even WAV document into text and also the transformed file opens inside a script modifying form. The transcriber after that listens towards the sound and edits the auto-transformed word declares differences. Quite often foreign vernacularFree Web Content, back ground sound and bad audio quality can make for bad auto-transcription producing human treatment a requirement more than the usual requirement.

Experience the new iPhone Spy

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Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there. Being the parents is a blessing which should be made into being good parents who are well aware of their kids.

Becoming a parent who someone is expected to be is easier said than done. Only those could be said as good who are well informed, and well ahead of their kid’s thoughts and actions. iPhone Spy if used as a parental control surely will help you in becoming an ideal father/mother/guardian. Never was it so easy to know about someone so close like your own kids. iPhone Spy software will make it even easier for you to know whatever you need to know about your kids and live your life in a fast lane.
The wide ranged features of the iPhone Spy by will surely address all the fears and apprehensions of modern age technological torrents. The meticulous and pragmatic approach of offers the packages in two different modes i.e lite and pro.
Gives you three different classes of iPhone Spy for three different time spans (price range is only for black berry phone) for more details visit
Three months 39.99US$
Six months 59.99US$
Twelve months 89.99US$
iPhone Spy has the following amazing features to offer
1-Appointment Calendar logging
Provides all the saved information about the upcoming events
2-Browser history logging
Make an idea of whatever your kids are upto by knowing if they are in contact with solicitors or sex-hunters by installing iPhone Spy software.
4-Eavesdrop on Calls made and received.
Now the parents can remotely eavesdrop with iPhone Spy on whatever and whoever their kids are talking to. iPhone Spy also keep the record for the entire call history either received or made.
5-SMS logging
Another most stunning feature of iPhone Spy is that you can look into the text messages either sent or received even the ones that had been erased from the spyware activated mobile phones.
6-Contacts Details
Like the rest of the saved data already mentioned above , the stealth club member can also have access to all of the saved contacts with the use of iPhone Spy software.
7-GPS Tracking
The GPS equipped cell phones can be tracked at any instant with iPhone Spy
8-Picture logging
IPhone Spy quietly upload all the pictures saved in the cell phone to the stealth club account. This feature is merely restricted to androidBusiness Management Articles, iphone and black berry.
9-Video logging
IPhone Spy can do so much for you in exchange for so little. It can upload the videos made by the spy activated mobile phones to the stealth club account where you can find out who your kids are with and what they might do in future. Only for android phones.
9-Recording of Surroundings
Listen to whole of the whisperings around the iPhone spy software installed phone while making the calls or listening them by sending a secret SMS to the target phone.
10-Location through SMS
Having activated the special feature of your package you can also find the location of iPhone Spy software installed iPhone by sending an sms.
11-SIM Change Notification
If the SIM is changed on the iPhone Spy software installed phone you will be notified through an sms.
12-Tracking without GPS
IPhone Spy is not merely dependent upon GPS but it can also triangulate the location of spy software installed phone using others sources.

Converting To A Solar Home

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Energy efficiency means minimizes the cost of your electric bill. Try this homemade electricity to experience electric freedom.

There are many affordable options to convert your home into a solar home and solar energy technologies can supply for several different uses in a solar home. Passive solar design can provide heating, cooling and natural light for your home. Solar electricity options are available to power home appliances and solar water heating can provide hot water options for laundry and general household water use (showers, cooking, cleaning). When planning a solar home it is important to consider which solar energy options are most efficient, and cost effective for your situation.
A passive solar home utilizes home design to provide heating, cooling and natural light without the use of any special equipment. A passive solar home basically uses the environment to accomplish great reductions in energy use. A passive solar home uses construction materials and design to utilize the sun’s heat during winter months and block the sun’s heat during summer months. There are several passive solar techniques you can use in a solar home, direct gain, radiant heat from sunlight passing directly into a living space and being absorbed by furniture, flooring etc and usually achieved with south facing window installations, indirect gain, involving an attached Trombe wall that collects heat and distributes it throughout the home by the use of fans, thermal mass, which are materials that naturally collect and store heat such as brick or stone, and passive cooling, which generally includes overhangs for south-facing windows to block the sun during summer months for cooling the solar home.
Another feature often found in a solar home is the use of solar electricity. Solar electricity is generated when photovoltaic cells are used to absorb sunlight and convert it into usable electricity. The energy produced by solar panels must be converted to DC (household power) through the use of an inverter. Solar electricity can be used to supplement metered electric already being received by a solar home or with the use of a battery storage bank, can be used as the only electric source for the home. If the later is going to be used, it is suggested that owners of the solar home have a generator available for backup power.
Solar water heating is one of the most common uses of solar energy in a solar home. There are two kinds of solar water heating available for solar home use. The first is a closed loop system, which can be used in areas that are not prone to freezing. These systems use water filled tubes that are heated directly by the sun. A closed loop system uses an anti-freeze type liquid to collect heat from the sun and then the heated liquid is used to heat household water via a heat exchanger.
Regardless of which steps you take toward converting to a solar home, energy efficiency is the most important attribute to a successful solar home operation. Energy efficiency minimizes the need for heating, cooling and electricity. Using higher insulation levels, more energy efficient windows, appliance and lighting than used in traditional construction, you will already be saving yourself a lot of money and energy. However these changes may not be an option when converting an existing home into a solar homeArticle Search, so make any changes possible to your home energy efficiency and adapt other solar practices to convert your existing home into a solar home.